Campaign Finance Board (CFB)


Established by Local Law 8 of 1988. The Campaign Finance Board is an independent non-partisan agency that provides public funding to candidates for City elective offices who choose to participate in the City's public financing program and monitors candidates' campaign contributions and expenditures to assure that they conform to the requirements of the law. The CFB makes public disclosure of the candidates' and independent spenders campaign finances and publishes a non-partisan Voter Guide for each regularly scheduled City election, providing information on candidates, ballot proposals and voting assistance. The CFB also administers the official debate program for candidates for citywide office. The Board has five members, two are appointed by the Mayor and two by the Speaker of the City Council. The Chair is appointed by the Mayor after consultation with the Speaker. The Board with the advice and assistance of its voter assistance advisory committee is charged with encouraging and facilitating voting under its NYC Votes initiative.



  100 Church St., 12th Fl. New York, NY 10007    Map this

Contact Numbers

(212) 409-1800
Fax:  (212) 409-1705


Chair - Frederick P. Schaffer
Term ends Nov 30, 2018
Marianne Spraggins
Term ends Nov 30, 2022
Richard J. Davis
Term ends Nov 30, 2019
Naomi B. Zauderer
Term ends Nov 30, 2020
Gregory T. Camp
Term ends Nov 30, 2021

Voter Assistance Advisory Committee

Chair - Naomi B. Zauderer
Term ends Dec 30, 2020
Daniele Gerard
Term ends Dec 31, 2019
Joan P. Gibbs
Term ends Dec 31, 2020
Public Advocate. , Ex officio
Michael Ryan
Executive Director of the Board of Elections. , Ex officio
Arnaldo Segarra
Term ends Dec 31, 2019
Mazeda Akter Uddin
Term ends Dec 31, 2018


Amy M. Loprest , Executive Director.
(212) 409-1810
Assistant Executive Director, Campaign Finance Administration - Roberta Baldini
(212) 409-1740
Chief of Staff - Katherine Chan
(212) 409-1870
Assistant Executive Director, Candidate Guidance & Policy - Daniel Cho
(212) 409-1780
Assistant Executive Director, Public Affairs - Eric S. Friedman
(212) 409-1770
General Counsel - Hillary Weisman
(212) 409-1858
Director, Human Resources - Harold Andrieux
(212) 409-1750
Acting Director, Voter Assistance - Sabrina Castillo
(212) 409-1840
Director, Records Management - Rudy Castro
(212) 409-1792
Director, Auditing & Accounting - Sauda Chapman
(212) 409-1818
Director, Systems - Ken O'Brien
(212) 409-1730
Director, Special Compliance - Jesse Schaffer
(212) 409-1850
Director, Document Processing - Rhonda Smith
(212) 409-1791
Director, Public Relations - Matthew Sollars
(212) 409-1771
Director, Communications - Elizabeth Upp
(212) 409-1760