Health + Hospitals NYC, (NYC H+H)


A public benefit Corporation created by State Legislature, July 1, 1969, to operate the City's municipal hospitals. Operates facilities in all five boroughs, providing general, chronic, ambulatory and skilled nursing care and a wide variety of specialized patient care services. All employees are public employees.

The President of the Corporation is chosen by the Board of Directors and serves at their pleasure. Each hospital has: an Executive Director, a Medical Board which, with Board of Directors' approval, develops by-laws, rules and regulations for the hospital's organization and government; and a Community Advisory Board (composed of representatives of the community the hospital serves).



  125 Worth St., New York NY, 10013    Map this

Contact Numbers

(212) 788-3339
Fax:  (212) 788-3673


Dr. Mitchell Katz , President & CEO.
(212) 788-3321
Special Assistant to the President & CEO - Audrey Clarke
(212) 788-3321