Rent Guidelines Board (RGB)


Mandated to establish rent adjustments for dwelling units subject to the Rent Stabilization Law. It is composed of nine members appointed by the Mayor, of which two are representatives of tenants, two are representatives of owners of property, and five are public members each having at least five years experience in finance, economics or housing. The Mayor designates one public member as Chair. The Chair serves at the pleasure of the Mayor; the other eight members serve for periods of years. Compensation: Chair $125 a day, not to exceed fifty days a year; members $100 a day, not to exceed twenty-five days a year.



  1 Centre St., Suite 2210 New York, NY 10007    Map this

Contact Numbers

(212) 669-7480
Fax:  (212) 669-7488


Chair, Public - David Reiss
Appointed by Mayor
Public Member - May Yu
Term ends Dec 31, 2022
Public Member - German Tejeda
Term ends Dec 31, 2019
Public Member - Alex Schwartz
Term ends Dec 31, 2020
Public Member - Cecilia Joza
Term ends Dec 31, 2014
Owner Member - J. Scott Walsh
Term ends Dec 31, 2016
Owner Member - Patti Stone
Term ends Dec 31, 2019
Tenant Member - Sheila Garcia
Term ends Dec 31, 2014
Tenant Member - Leah Goodridge
Term ends Dec 31, 2019


Andrew McLaughlin , Executive Director.
(212) 669-7482