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The Comptroller is the Chief Fiscal Officer of the State, as well as the fiscal monitor of New York City and a member of the City's Financial Control Board. He is the State Auditor of City agencies and public authorities; and also provides legal advice to local governments on fiscal matters. The Comptroller manages the State's accounting and financial reporting systems, pays its bills, and, as trustee, manages and invests the assets of the State and local government pension system.



  110 State St., Albany NY, 12236    Map this
NYC Office:   59 Maiden Ln., New York NY, 10038    Map this

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Thomas P. DiNapoli , State Comptroller. $190,000.
(D) fixed by Sec. 40 of the Executive Law. Re-elected Nov. 6, 2018. Term expires Dec. 31, 2022.
First Deputy Comptroller - Pete Grannis
Chief of Staff - Shawn Thompson
Executive Deputy Comptroller, Retirement Services - Colleen Gardner
Executive Deputy Comptroller, Operations - John Traylor
General Counsel - Nelson Sheingold
Inspector General - Stephen Hamilton
Chief Investment Officer - Anastasia Titarchuk
Chief Information Officer - Bob Loomis
Deputy Comptroller, Budget & Policy Analysis - Robert Ward
Deputy Comptroller, Contracts & Expenditures - Margaret Becker
Deputy Comptroller, Diversity Programs - Nancy Hernandez
Deputy Comptroller, Finance & Administration - Larry Appel
Deputy Comptroller, Human Resources - Karim Adeen-Hasan
Deputy Comptroller, Local Government & School Accountability - Elliott Auerbach
Deputy Comptroller, Payroll, Accounting & Revenue Services - David Hasso
Deputy Comptroller, Retirement Services - Andrea Goldberger
State Deputy Comptroller for New York City - Kenneth Bleiwas
(212) 383-3900
Deputy Comptroller, State Government Accountability - Tina Kim
Communications Director - Jennifer Freeman
Deputy Comptroller, Intergovernmental Affairs & Community Relations - Erin Stevens