Criminal Justice Services, Division of


DCJS has a variety of core functions and responsibilities that support law enforcement, criminal justice professionals and crime victim advocates across New York State. Its work touches every facet of the state's criminal justice system and helps ensure community safety.

The agency administers and manages criminal justice grant funds; oversees a law enforcement accreditation program; maintains criminal history records and civil, criminal and crime scene fingerprint files; perform background checks for employment and licensure; oversees the state's DNA Databank in cooperation with the New York State Police Forensic Investigation Center; monitors the state's forensic laboratories for quality assurance and compliance with state and federal standards; administers the state's Sex Offender Registry; and ensures Breathalyzer and speed enforcement equipment used by local law enforcement operate correctly. The agency provides direct training to law enforcement and other criminal justice professionals; oversees county probation departments, alternatives to incarceration programs and the interstate transfer of probationers; collects and analyzes statewide crime and program data; and provides statistical information to the public and local law enforcement.

DCJS administers the Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) initiative, which uses crime analysis and evidence-based practices and community partnerships to target, reduce and prevent gun violence in jurisdictions in 17 counties. DCJS also supports nine Crime Analysis Centers in partnership with local law enforcement include agencies across the state. DCJS coordinates juvenile justice policy and ensures New York State complies with federal mandates; operates the state's Missing Persons Clearinghouse which administers alert programs and provides investigative support for law enforcement.



  80 S. Swan St., Albany NY, 12210    Map this

Contact Numbers

(518) 457-5837
Toll Free:  (800) 262-3257
Public Information Office:  (518) 457-8828


Michael C. Green , Executive Deputy Commissioner.
(518) 457-1260
First Deputy Commissioner - Mark White
(518) 457-1260
Deputy Commissioner, Office of Public Safety - Michael Wood
(518) 457-6985
Director, Public Information - Janine Kava
(518) 457-8828
Director, Human Resources - Karen Davis
(518) 485-1704
Director, Financial Services - Vacant
(518) 457-6105
Director, State Identification Bureau - Nicole Cooper
(518) 485-2995
Deputy Commissioner & Counsel, Office of Legal Services - Eric Galarneau
(518) 457-4181
Deputy Commissioner, Office of Justice Research & Performance - Terry Salo
(518) 457-7301
Deputy Commissioner, Program Development & Funding Office - Jeffrey Bender
(518) 457-8462