Dormitory Authority State of NY (DASNY)


We commit to deliver exceptional service and professional expertise on every financing and construction project for our clients and the public, in a cost-effective manner, while advancing the policy goals of New York State.


Albany Office:   515 Broadway, Albany NY, 12207    Map this
NYC Office:   1 Penn Plz., 52nd Fl. New York, NY 10119    Map this

Contact Numbers

Albany Office:  (518) 257-3000
NYC Office:  (212) 273-5000

Board Members

Chair - Alfonso L. Carney, Jr.
New York City.
Vice Chair - John B. Johnson, Jr.
Jonathan H. Gardner, Esq.
Wellington Z. Chen
Beryl L. Snyder, J.D.
New York.
Joan M. Sullivan
Gerard Romski, Esq.
Mount Kisco (Senate Appointee).
Paul S. Ellis, Esq.
Riverdale (Assembly Appointee).
Shannon Tahoe, Esq.
Lantham, Acting Commissioner of Education NYS. , Ex officio
Howard A. Zucker, MD, J.D.
Albany, Commissioner of Health NYS. , Ex officio
Robert F. Mujica, Jr.
Albany, Budget Director NYS. , Ex officio


Reuben R. McDaniel, III , Acting President & CEO.
(518) 257-3180
Vice President - Paul G. Koopman
(518) 257-3192
Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer - Kimberly J. Nadeau
(518) 257-3562
General Counsel - Michael E. Cusack
(518) 257-3120
Managing Director, Public Finance & Portfolio Monitoring - Portia Lee
(518) 257-3362
Managing Director, Construction - Stephen D. Curro, P.E.
(518) 257-3271
Chief of Staff - Caroline V. Griffin
(518) 257-3661