Financial Control Board, NYS


Created by the State Legislature in September 1975 pursuant to the New York State Financial Emergency Act for The City of New York. The Act gives the Control Board powers and responsibilities of review and oversight with respect to the financial management of The New York City government and certain related public authorities.
Composed of seven members: the Governor, the State Comptroller, the Mayor, the City Comptroller, and three persons appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the Governor with Senate advice and consent. Elected officials serve for the duration of the Board's existence. No salary. Executive Director of the Board appointed by the Governor and the Mayor, jointly, and serves at the pleasure of the Board.



  80 Maiden Lane, Suite 402 New York, NY 10038    Map this

Contact Numbers


Chair - Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo
Thomas P. DiNapoli
Additional Position(s): Comptroller (State)
Bill deBlasio
Additional Position(s): Mayor (City)
Scott M. Stringer
Additional Position(s): Comptroller (City)
Lawrence E. Golub
John A. Levin


Jeffrey Sommer , Executive Director.
(212) 417-5066