Homes & Community Renewal, NYS


New York State Homes and Community Renewal (NYSHCR) consists of all the State's major housing and community renewal agencies, including; the Affordable Housing Corporation; the Division of Housing and Community Renewal; Housing Finance Agency; State of New York Mortgage Agency; Housing Trust Fund Corporation and others. HCR fosters the preservation and construction of affordable and supportive and homeless housing; invests in inclusive, strong neighborhoods; promotes fair housing opportunity and choice; works with partners to finance community development projects; and administers tenant protection and rent subsidy programs.



  38-40 State St., Hampton Plz., Albany NY, 12207    Map this
  641 Lexington Ave., New York NY, 10022    Map this

Contact Numbers

(212) 480-6700
(212) 688-4000
Fax:  (866) 275-3427


RuthAnne Visnauskas , Commissioner/CEO.
Chief of Staff - Gabriella Green
Executive Deputy Commissioner & Chief Operating Officer - Betsy Mallow
Senior Vice President, Multifamily Finance - Nicole Ferreira
General Counsel - Linda Manley
President, Office of Housing Preservation - Mark Colon
Senior Vice President, Homeownership & Community Development - Dina Levy
President, Office of Professional Services - Diana Nebiolo
Deputy Counsel, Policy - Brooke P. Davis
Deputy Commissioner, Office of Public Information & Communication - Brian Butry
Vice President/Director, Economic Opportunity & Partnerships - Wanda Graham