New York Metropolitan Transportation Council


The New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) is a regional council of governments that is the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for New York City, Long Island and the Lower Hudson Valley.

NYMTC is comprised of nine voting members and seven advisory members who develop plans, goals and a shared vision for the region's transportation network. NYMTC Council Members are elected officials and heads of Federal, City and State transportation, planning and environmental agencies. The primary actions of NYMTC's Council Members include developing a shared vision and goals for the region. This includes adopting a Regional Transportation Plan (Plan), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), Transportation Conformity Determination, Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) and Congestion Management Process Status Report, which are federally-required products for the regional transportation planning process.

The mission of NYMTC is to serve as a platform for collaborative discussion on transportation-related issues from a regional perspective; facilitate informed decision-making within NYMTC by providing sound technical analyses and forecasts; ensure that its planning area will obtain the maximum federal funds available and focus the collective planning activities of its members to achieve a shared regional vision.

NYMTC’s current staff includes a Central Staff located in lower Manhattan, and staff in the three satellite offices which serve its three geographically-based Transportation Coordinating Committees, or TCCs. To respond to local needs, the New York City TCC, the Mid-Hudson South TCC and the Nassau/Suffolk TCC recommend sub-regional transportation priorities and provide opportunities for the private sector, general public, local government and interested stakeholders to become involved in the planning process.



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Contact Numbers

(212) 383-7200
Fax:  (212) 383-7244


Director, Planning Group - Gerry Bogacz
(212) 383-7260
Director, Technical Group - Debra Nelson
(212) 383-7282
Staff Director, New York City Transportation Coordinating Committee - Chris Hardej
(718) 482-6733
Staff Director, Nassau/Suffolk Transportation Coordinating Committee - Mary Byrne
(631) 952-6930
Staff Director, Mid-Hudson South Transportation Coordinating Committee - Ali Mohseni
(845) 431-5768
Public Information Officer - Maura Fizpatrick
(212) 383-7203
Public Information Officer - Jessica Ortiz
(212) 383-7203