State Police, Division of


The Division of State Police is the only full-service law enforcement agency with statewide jurisdiction in New York. It is the principal means by which state government provides a variety of law enforcement services across the state. These services include primary and secondary law enforcement activity; assisting local law enforcement agencies with investigations of violent, drug-related and other major crimes; investigating crimes that cross local jurisdictional boundaries; providing technical assistance including crime laboratory and DNA databank and casework services; and ensuring the security of critical state infrastructure and resources. Because of its statewide jurisdiction, the diversity of its missions and the size of the agency, the State Police has the ability to rapidly respond with personnel and resources anywhere in the state.



  1220 Washington Ave., Bldg. #22, State Campus, Albany NY, 12226    Map this

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Keith M. Corlett , Superintendent of State Police.
First Deputy Superintendent - Kevin P. Bruen
Deputy Superintendent Field Commander - Joseph A. Tripodo
Deputy Superintendent Professional Standards Bureau - Patrick J. Regan
Deputy Superintendent Administration - Christopher Fiore
Deputy Superintendent Employee Relations - Steven G. James