Public Employment Relations Board (PERB)


Provides mediation, fact finding, and arbitration for resolution of labor disputes; adjudicates representation and unfair labor practices that arise between public employers and their employees. Composed of three members appointed by the Governor, with Senate consent. Chair designated by the Governor. Members may hold no other public office or public employment with the State. Salaries: Chair, $120,800; members, $250 per diem.



Brooklyn Office:   55 Hanson Pl., Ste. 700 Brooklyn, NY 11217    Map this
  PO Box 2074, ESP Agency Bldg 2, 18th Fl. Albany, NY 12220    Map this

Contact Numbers

(518) 457-6410
Brooklyn Office:  (718) 722-4546


Chair - John Wirenius
Deputy Chair - Sarah Coleman
Robert Hite


Jonathan J. O’Rourke , Executive Director.
Chief Regional Mediator, NYC Office - Mariam Manichaikul
(718) 722-4546