Teachers' Retirement System, NYS


Administered by the New York State Teachers' Retirement Board, composed of ten members: The State Comptroller, or the Comptroller's designee (C); three appointed by the Board of Regents (R); two appointed by the Commissioner of Education (E); one retired member elected by the retired teachers (RE); and three elected from among members of the Retirement System (T). Term three years and until successors are appointed and have qualified. No salary. President and Vice President selected by Board.


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The Retirement Board

President - David Keefe
Hempstead (RE).
Term ends Dec 31, 2019
Vice President - Michael Masse
Fayetteville (R).
Term ends Jun 30, 2019
Member - Paul Fafaglia
Jordan-Elbridge (T).
Term ends Jan 31, 2021
Member - Daniel J. Hogarty
Troy (R).
Term ends May 1, 2019
Member - Dr. Phyllis S. Harrington
Oceanside (E).
Term ends Jun 30, 2021
Member - Dr. L. Oliver Robinson
Clifton Park (E).
Term ends Jun 30, 2019
Member - Nicholas Smirensky
Delmar (C) serves until Comptroller changes appointee.
Member - Sheila Sullivan Buck
Rush-Henrietta (T).
Term ends Jan 31, 2020
Member - Stephen Feehan
Windsor (R).
Term ends Jun 30, 2019
Member - Ron Gross
William Floyd (T).
Term ends Jan 31, 2022


Thomas K. Lee , Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer.