Waterfront Commission of NY Harbor


Established by a Compact between New York and New Jersey (NY Laws 1953, c.882). Licenses and registers various occupations and services in the Port of New York District, investigates criminal activity and waterfront practices in the Port, regulates the size of the longshore work force, and operates employment information centers to provide data concerning opportunities for dock employment and to oversee hiring of pier workers.
Composed of two members, one appointed by the Governor of New York, with consent of the New York State Senate, and one by the Governor of New Jersey, with the consent of the New Jersey State Senate. Terms three years and until successors are appointed and have qualified. Salary $46,615.00 Vacancies filled for unexpired terms.


Contact Numbers


Paul Weinstein
New York.
Michael Murphy
New Jersey.


Walter M. Arsenault , Executive Director.
General Counsel - Phoebe Sorial