Contract Services, Mayor's Office of (MOCS)


Established in 1988, continued by Executive Order No. 121 of 2008, and updated by Executive Order No. 27 of 2017, the Mayor's Office of Contract Services oversees, facilitates and drives transformation of New York procurement, benefitting vendors, agencies and communities. MOCS works to ensure that procurement is fair, responsible and timely, organizing its work in five main areas - technology solutions; learning management and support; compliance and partnerships; data and reporting; and internal operations. MOCS provides policy and operational advice, as well as technical assistance to agencies to improve the management of procurement activities. Furthermore, MOCS ensures compliance with citywide rules through the review of solicitation documents, agreements and award packages. The Director is the City Chief Procurement Officer.



  253 Broadway, 9th Fl. New York, NY 10007    Map this

Contact Numbers

(212) 788-0010
Fax:  (212) 788-0049


Daniel Symon , Chief Procurement Officer & Director. $200,000.