New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division - Second Department (includes Kings, Queens and Richmond Counties )


Consists of the Second (Kings), Ninth (Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange & Rockland), Tenth (Nassau & Suffolk), Eleventh (Queens) and Thirteenth (Richmond) Judicial Districts.


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Justices - Appellate Division Designation Expiration

"Ind." - Indefinite term expiration. (R) Retired because of age but serving by designation of the Governor following certification by the Administrative Board.

Alan D. Scheinkman , Presiding Justice.
William F. Mastro
Term ends Dec 31, 2020
Reinaldo E. Rivera
Term ends Dec 31, 2024
Mark C. Dillon
Term ends Dec 31, 2027
Ruth C. Balkin
Term ends Dec 31, 2019
Cheryl E. Chambers
Term ends Dec 31, 2027
Leonard B. Austin
Term ends Dec 31, 2027
John M. Leventhal
Sheri S. Roman
Jeffrey A. Cohen
Robert G. Miller
Term ends Dec 31, 2021
Sylvia O. Hinds-Radix
Term ends Dec 31, 2032
Joseph J. Maltese
Colleen D. Duffy
Hector D. LaSalle
Term ends Dec 31, 2023
Betsey Barros
Francesca E. Connolly
Term ends Dec 31, 2023
Valerie Brathwaite Nelson
Term ends Dec 31, 2032
Angela G. Iannacci
Linda Christopher
Paul Wooten