Supreme Court of the United States


The Supreme Court of the United States is the highest Court in the United States. The Court holds one term annually, commencing on the first Monday in October. Composed of a Chief Justice of the United States and eight Associate Justices appointed by the President, with Senate advice and consent. Salaries: Chief Justice, $277,700; Associate Justices, $265,600.



  U.S. Supreme Court Bldg. 1 First St., NE, Washington DC, 20543    Map this

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Chief Justice - John G. Roberts, Jr.
of New York.
Term start Sep 29, 2005
Associate Justice - Clarence Thomas
of Georgia.
Term start Oct 23, 1991
Associate Justice - Stephen G. Breyer
of California.
Term start Aug 3, 1994
Associate Justice - Samuel A. Alito
of New Jersey.
Term start Jan 31, 2006
Associate Justice - Sonia Sotomayor
of New York.
Term start Aug 8, 2009
Associate Justice - Elena Kagan
of New York.
Term start Aug 7, 2010
Associate Justice - Neil M. Gorsuch
of Colorado.
Term start Apr 10, 2017
Associate Justice - Brett M. Kavanaugh
of Washington D.C.
Term start Oct 6, 2018


Clerk - Scott S. Harris
Librarian - Linda Maslow
Reporter of Decisions - Vacant
Marshal - Vacant