The NYC Department of Education derives its powers from New York State law. The thirteen member body designated as the Board of Education in section 2590-b of the Educational Law shall be known as the Panel for Educational Policy. The Panel for Educational Policy is a part of the governance structure responsible for the City School District of the City of New York, subject to the laws of the State of New York and the regulations of the State Department of Education. Other parts of the structure include the Chancellor, superintendents, community and citywide councils, principals, and school leadership teams. Together this structure shall be designated as the Department of Education of the City of New York.



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David C. Banks , Chancellor. $352,763.
The Chancellor is the Chief Executive of the New York City public school system. She is appointed by the Mayor, and serves ex officio as a member of the Panel for Educational Policy, Trustee of the New York City School Construction Authority, and Member of the New York City Youth Board.
Appointed Jan 1, 2022
(212) 374-0200
Chief of Staff - Gabrielle Ramos
(212) 374-6406
Chief Strategy Officer - Edie Sharp
(212) 374-5548
Senior Advisor for State & Citywide Policy - Elizabeth Gillroy
(212) 374-0314
Special Assistant to the Chancellor - Chantell Griffith
(212) 374-0200
Special Assistant to the Chancellor - Juan Rosales
(212) 374-6675
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor - Xavier Edwards
(212) 374-0226
Executive Secretary to the Chancellor - Nancy Baez
(212) 374-5493