City Clerk & Clerk of the Council


The office of the City Clerk & Clerk of the Council offers a variety of services including: attests to each Local Law enacted by the Council and all legislation desired by and affecting the City requiring concurrent action by the State Legislature; attests to leases and deeds of the city property, grants, agreements, bonds, tax notes and other forms of obligations of the City; has charge of all papers and documents of the City except as otherwise provided by law to include: executive and administrative orders of the Mayor, certificates of judicial appointments by the Mayor, rules and regulations of every City agency and department, oaths of office of City employees, City Marshal bonds, and referendum petitions; qualifies all commissioners of deeds; provides certification to the Board of Elections of all judicial vacancies; is custodian of the City Seal; is administrator of the Lobbying Bureau and enforces the City's lobbying law; and is administrator of the Marriage Bureau, to include: issuance, recording and solemnization of marriage licenses, registration of domestic partners, certification of marriage records, and registration of marriage officiants.



For office locations of the City Clerk & Clerk of the Council visit:


  141 Worth Street, New York NY, 10013    Map this

Contact Numbers

(212) 669-2400
Fax:  (212) 669-3300


Michael McSweeney , City Clerk and Clerk of the Council. $231,278.
Appointed February 26, 2009.
Deputy City Clerk - Alisa Fuentes
(212) 669-8898
Deputy City Clerk - Damaris B. Acosta
(212) 669-8898
Executive Agency Counsel - Patrick L. Synmoie
(212) 669-2610
Deputy Counsel, Lobbying Bureau - Jamie Lynn Chirichella
(212) 669-3128
Chief Investigator, Lobbying Bureau - Walter Carcione
(212) 669-3093
Chief of Staff - Jose L. Gonzalez
(212) 669-8097
Deputy Chief of Staff/Executive Assistant to the City Clerk - Wendy Lopez
(212) 669-8898
Executive Assistant to the First Deputy - Lilia Dwyer
(212) 669-8898
Director, Administration - Emmanuel Michalos
(212) 669-8093
Director of Personnel - Acela Velazquez
(212) 669-2207
Information Technology Manager - Irfan Rivera
(212) 669-3600
Assistant to Counsel, City Council Transcripts - Richard Resk
(212) 669-3225
Marriage License & Ceremony, Amendment to Marriage Records, Certificate of Non-Impediment, Domestic Partnership Registration and Termination, Marriage - Theresa Preston
(212) 669-7212
Commissioner of Deeds & Oath of Office - Cynthia Villafane
(212) 669-8095
Marriage Records - James Mitchell
(212) 669-8090