Conflicts of Interest Board (COIB)


COIB was established by Section 2602 of the City Charter, replacing the Board of Ethics. The Board has five public members: three appointed by the Mayor, one appointed by the Public Advocate, and one by the Comptroller, all with the advice and consent of the City Council. The Mayor designates the Chair. Members serve for staggered six-year terms and receive a per diem of $250. The Chair receives a per diem of $275.

COIB interprets Chapter 68 of the City Charter, the Lobbyist Gift Law, the Affiliated Not-For-Profits Law, and the Legal Defense Trust Law and provides confidential advice, educates public servants, and prosecutes violations of those laws. COIB also collects and examines annual disclosure reports filed pursuant to Section 12-110 of the City’s Administrative Code.



  2 Lafayette St., Suite 1010 New York, NY 10007    Map this

Contact Numbers

(212) 442-1400
Fax:  (212) 437-0705


Chair - Milton L. Williams, Jr.
Term ends Mar 31, 2024
Georgia Pestana
Term ends Mar 31, 2028
Fernando A. Bohorquez, Jr.
Term ends Mar 31, 2024
Ifeoma Ike
Term ends Mar 31, 2028
Wayne G. Hawley
Term ends Mar 31, 2026


Carolyn Lisa Miller , Executive Director/Counsel.
(212) 437-0710
General Counsel - Ethan A. Carrier
(212) 437-0720
Deputy General Counsel - Christopher M. Hammer
(212) 437-0721
Director, Enforcement - Jeffrey Tremblay
(212) 437-0740
Deputy Director, Enforcement - Katherine Weall
(212) 437-0722
Director, Administration - Tasnia Karim
(212) 437-0750
Director, Annual Disclosure & Special Counsel - Katherine Miller
(212) 437-0730
Director, Education & Engagement - Alexander Kipp
(212) 437-0770
Director, IT - Derick Yu
(212) 437-0760