Design and Construction (DDC)


Established in 1996, the role of the Department of Design and Construction (DDC) is to deliver the City's capital construction projects in a safe, expeditious, and cost-effective manner while integrating the Mayor's four strategic lenses - growth, sustainability, resiliency and equity.

In partnership with 25 City agencies, DDC manages the design and construction of libraries, cultural facilities, firehouses, police precincts, EMS facilities, senior centers and other civic facilities. DDC also improves the City's vital street infrastructure system by upgrading and constructing storm and sanitary sewers, water mains, roadways, sidewalks and plazas.



  30-30 Thomson Ave., Long Island City NY, 11101    Map this

Contact Numbers


Thomas Foley, P.E. , Commissioner. $243,171.
(718) 391-1636
First Deputy Commissioner - Eric Macfarlane, P.E.
(718) 391-3142
Agency Chief of Staff/Operations Officer - Dwehline Harris
(718) 391-1581
Executive Secretary to the Commissioner - Shenel Etheridge-Hightower
(718) 391-2610