Homeless Services, Department of (DHS)


Together with our not-for-profit partners, our mission is to prevent homelessness, when possible, address street homelessness, provide safe temporary shelter, and connect New Yorkers experiencing homelessness to sustainable housing. We do this with accountability, empathy, and equity.


  33 Beaver St., New York NY, 10004    Map this

Contact Numbers

Emergency Assistance Hotline (toll free) Dial 311 or:  (212) NEW-YORK


Molly Wasow Park , DSS/HRA Commissioner.
(929) 221-7315
DSS First Deputy Commissioner - Jill Berry
(929) 221-5181
DSS Chief of Staff - Karen H. St. Hilaire
(929) 221-5277
Special Counsel - Toshia McKnight
(929) 221-6823
Senior Advisor, Housing & Homelessness - Sara Zuiderveen
(929) 221-6466
Senior Advisor to DSS First Deputy Commissioner - Chanell Miller
(929) 221-6393
Chief Medical Officer, Office of the Medical Director - Fabienne Laraque
(212) 361-7990