City Council (NYCC)


The City Council is the legislative body of the City. Its 51 Members are elected to four-year terms (every 20 years, they serve a two-year term to allow for redistricting after every other decennial census) and represent districts of approximately 160,000 people. The current distribution of Members, by borough, is ten from Manhattan, eight from the Bronx, fourteen from Queens, sixteen from Brooklyn, and three from Staten Island.

The first meeting in each year is called the Charter Meeting, which is held on the first Wednesday after the first Monday of January at noon. At least two stated meetings shall be held each month by Council, except in its discretion, in July and August.

In addition to its legislative role and oversight powers over City agencies, the Council approves the City's budget and has decision-making powers over land use issues.

Council Members receive an annual salary of $148,500; the Council Speaker, elected by the Council Members, receives an annual salary of $164,500 as fixed by Sec. 26 of the New York City Charter.

A Council Member must be a United States citizen and a resident of the Councilmanic District from which the Council Member is elected. No Council Member may be an employee of any City agency in any capacity.



For the complete list of City Council members and districts visit:

The Speaker, Majority and Minority Leader and the Public Advocate are all ex-officio members of all committees. Please visit the City Council website for a complete list of all City Council Committee memberships.

Principal Political Party Affiliation:
Total Council Members: 51
Democrats: 45
Republicans: 6


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