Collective Bargaining, Office of (OCB)


Provides procedures, including certification of collective bargaining representatives, mediation, impasse panels, and arbitration, for the resolution of labor relations disputes and controversies between the City and its employee organizations and employees.
The Board of Collective Bargaining consists of two City members, appointed by the Mayor, two labor members designated by the Municipal Labor Committee and three impartial members, one of whom shall be chair of the Board and Director of the Office. The impartial members shall be elected unanimously by the other members and serve three-year terms. The impartial members constitute the Board of Certification within the Office of Collective Bargaining. The Chair of the Board of Collective Bargaining serves as the Chair of the Board of Certification.
Salaries: Chair $243,171; other two impartial members, $1,000 per diem. City and Labor members serve without compensation. Vacancies filled for unexpired terms.



Note: Fax number and E-mail address are for correspondence only, not for the service of legal papers.


  100 Gold St., Ste 4800 New York, NY 10038    Map this

Contact Numbers

(212) 306-7160
Fax:  (212) 306-7167

Board Members

Chair - Susan J. Panepento
Additional Position(s): Impartial Representative
Impartial Representative - Vacant
Impartial Representative - Alan Viani
Term ends Jan 1, 2017
Labor Representative - Charles G. Moerdler, Esq.
Labor Representative - Vacant
Labor Alternate - Peter Pepper, Esq.
Labor Alternate - Vacant
City Representative - M. David Zurndorfer, Esq.
City Representative - Pamela S. Silverblatt, Esq.
City Alternate - Carole O'Blenes
City Alternate - Peter J. Madonia


Steven Star , Deputy Chair, General Counsel.
(212) 306-7180
Deputy Chair, Dispute Resolution - Monu Singh
(212) 306-7170
Director of Representation - Karine C.M. Spencer
(212) 306-7176