Labor Relations, Office of (OLR)


Authorized by Executive Order 38 (February 7, 1967) and amended by Executive Order 13 (July 24, 1990), the Office represents the Mayor in the conduct of all labor relations between the City of New York and labor organizations representing employees of the City. The Commissioner serves on behalf of the Mayor as the City's liaison with both labor and management in the private sector.
The Commissioner represents the Mayor before the Office of Collective Bargaining in representations and all other matters over which the Office of Collective Bargaining possesses jurisdiction assigned to it by the Collective Bargaining Law of New York City. Additionally, the Commissioner administers the Health Benefits Program, the Management Benefits Fund, the Citywide Employee Assistance Program, the Deferred Compensation Plan and the Medicare Reimbursement Program.



  22 Cortlandt St., 14th Fl., New York, NY 10007    Map this
Flexible Spending Accounts:   22 Cortlandt St., 28th Fl. New York, NY 10007    Map this
Citywide Employee Assistance:   250 Broadway, 28th Fl. New York, NY 10007    Map this

Contact Numbers

(212) 306-7200
Fax:  (212) 306-7202
Employee Health Benefits:  (212) 306-7300
Employee Health Benefits TTY/TDD:  (212) 306-7753
Management Benefits Fund:  (212) 306-7390
Management Benefits Fund TTY/TDD:  (212) 306-7629
Deferred Compensation:  (212) 306-7760
Deferred Compensation TTY/TDD:  (212) 306-7707
Citywide Employee Assistance:  (212) 306-7660


Renee Campion , Commissioner. $243,171.
Appointed February 15, 2019.
First Deputy Commissioner - Daniel Pollak
General Counsel - Vacant
Director of Employee Benefits Program - Georgette Gestely