Payroll Administration, Office of (OPA)


OPA is responsible for coordinating matters of payroll policy and procedure among City oversight and line agencies, ensuring City compliance with applicable Federal, State, and City employment tax regulations, distributing and accounting for the City's payroll, managing the City's payroll bank accounts and ensuring the integrity, accuracy, and operational effectiveness of payroll systems.
OPA is overseen by a two-member unsalaried Board of Directors appointed by the Mayor, one representing the Mayor and one recommended by and representing the Comptroller. The Mayor appoints an Executive Director of the Office of Payroll Administration upon the recommendation of the OPA Board.



  5 Manhattan West, New York NY, 10001    Map this

Contact Numbers


Neil Matthew , Executive Director. $236,088.
(212) 857-7301
Executive Assistant - Wanda Vega
(212) 742-5623
First Deputy Executive Director - Andrea Glick
(212) 742-5900
Executive Assistant - Elizabeth Mejia
(212) 742-5904