Borough President - Staten Island


The Borough Presidents are the executive officials of each borough. The City Charter gives them authority to: work with the Mayor in preparing the annual executive budget submitted to the City Council and to propose borough budget priorities directly to the council; review and comment on major land use decisions and propose sites for city facilities within their respective boroughs; monitor and modify the delivery of city services within their boroughs; and engage in strategic planning for their boroughs. Each Borough President appoints a member of the New York City Board of Education and a member of the City Planning Commission. Each also is a trustee of the New York City Employees' Retirement System. The Borough Presidents appoint members to Community Boards who serve without compensation, and each chairs a Borough Board. Each Borough President maintains a topographical bureau. The Borough President must be a citizen of the United States and resident of the borough when elected and throughout the term of office.
A Borough President may be removed by the Governor only on charges after a hearing. Pending the preparation and disposition of charges, the governor may suspend a borough president for a period not exceeding thirty days.
Vacancies shall be filled in a prompt special election for the remainder of the term. The council delegation for the borough shall select an acting Borough President to serve until the special election. The Mayor is required to call the meetings at which such acting officials are to be named, but has no vote except in case of a tie.



Islands under jurisdiction: Hoffman, Meadow, Prall's, Shooter's, Swinburne.


  Borough Hall, 10 Richmond Terrace, Rm. 120 Staten Island, NY 10301    Map this

Contact Numbers

(718) 816-2200
Fax:  (718) 816-2026
Topographical Bureau:  (718) 816-2107
Consulting Engineer:  (718) 816-2112


James S. Oddo , President of the Borough. $160,000.
(R) Elected Nov. 5, 2013.
Term ends Dec 31, 2021
Deputy Borough President - Edward Burke
(718) 816-2231
Counsel & Public Policy Director - Isaac Gorodetski, Esq.
(718) 816-2116
Executive Assistant - Marie Carmody La-Francesca
(718) 816-2141
Chief of Staff - Jason Razefsky
(718) 816-2232
Deputy Chief of Staff - Jennifer Sammartino
(718) 816-2134
Director of Land Use, Planning & Infrastructure - Robert Englert, RA
(718) 816-2112
Director, Contracts & Procurement - Angela Shand
(718) 816-2124
Director, Education - Rose Kerr
(718) 816-2055
Director, Health & Wellness - Ginny Mantello, M.D.
(718) 816-2049
Budget - James Shipp
(718) 816-2210
Communications & External Affairs - Lexey Chandler
(718) 816-2198