Teachers' Retirement System


Usually meets at 3:30 p.m. on approximately every third Thursday in each month. Composed of seven members as follows: Chairperson, Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) and the Comptroller, Ex Officio; two members appointed by the Mayor, one a member of the Panel for Educational Policy; three members of the Teachers’ Retirement Association elected from the contributors for terms of three years. No salary. Chair selected by Board Members.



  55 Water St., New York NY, 10041    Map this

Contact Numbers

(888) 8NYC-TRS
Fax:  (212) 612-5420


Chairperson - Debra Penny
Comptroller - Scott Stringer , Ex officio
Representative of the Chancellor, Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) - Lindsey Oates
Teacher - Debra Penny
Term ends May 31, 2022
Teacher - Thomas Brown
Term ends May 31, 2023
Teacher - David Kazansky
Term ends May 31, 2021
Panel of Educational Policy - Natalie Green-Giles
Representative of the Mayor - John Adler

The Medical Board

Composed of three physicians, one appointed by the teacher-members of the Retirement Board, one by other Retirement Board members, and one by the whole Board; Term three years.

Alan David, M.D.
Term ends Jul 31, 2022
Laura Brumberg, M.D.
343 E. 30th St., New York, NY, 10016.
Term ends Jul 31, 2023
Walter Pizzi, M.D.
Term ends Jul 31, 2021