Business Integrity Commission (BIC)


The Business Integrity Commission is both a law enforcement and regulatory agency charged with oversight of the private carting industry throughout the five boroughs, the city's public wholesale markets and the shipboard gaming industry. It is empowered to investigate applicants, issue licenses and registrations, conduct criminal and regulatory investigations, enforce applicable laws and promulgate rules and regulations that govern the conduct of the businesses it oversees. The Commission is composed of a Chair appointed by the Mayor and the Commissioners of the New York City Police Department and the Departments of Investigations, Sanitation, and Small Business Services, and Consumer Affairs.



  100 Church St., 20th Floor New York, NY 10007    Map this

Contact Numbers

(212) 437-0500
Fax:  (646) 500-7096
Complaints or Anonymous Tips:  311
Complaints or Anonymous Tips:  (212) 437-0600
FOIL:  (212) 437-0574


Elizabeth Crotty , Commissioner/Chair.
(212) 437-0500
General Counsel - Vacant
(212) 437-0510
Chief of Staff/Deputy Commissioner of Operations - Alison Bonfoey
(212) 437-0533
Head of Investigations - Spiros Moustakas
(212) 437-0572
Assistant Commissioner of Finance & Administration - Cynthia Haskins
(212) 437-0575
Associate Commissioner of Legal Affairs/Deputy General Counsel/Records Access Officer - David Mandell
(212) 437-0574
Director, Government Affairs/Policy - Nicole Mathias
(212) 437-0523