Standards And Appeals, Board of (BSA)


The Board is empowered by the City Charter to interpret the meaning or applicability of the Zoning Resolution, Building & Fire Codes, Multiple Dwelling Law and Labor Law. This power includes the ability to vary in certain instances the provisions of these regulations in order to grant relief to property owners where appropriate.

The Board reviews and decides applications for variances and special permits, as authorized by the Zoning Resolution, appeals to final determinations from the Departments of Buildings, Fire or Business Services, applications to waive the General City Law to build within mapped, unbuilt streets, vets permits issued under prior zoning designations, and applications from the Departments of Buildings and Fire to modify or revoke certificates of occupancy.

The Board is composed of five Commissioners for a term of six years. One Commissioner shall be a registered architect with at least 10 years experience as an architect; one shall be a licensed professional engineer with at least 10 years experience as an engineer; one shall be a planner with professional qualifications and with at least 10 years experience as a planner. Of the members, no more than two shall be residents of any one borough. The Board holds Public Hearings on Tuesdays at 10 a.m.

The Mayor designates the Chair and Vice Chair from among the members. The Chair must have had the required experience as an architect, engineer or planner. Salaries: Chair, $192,198. An Executive Director of Standards and Appeals is appointed by the Board.



Hearing Location:   22 Reade St., Spector Hall New York, NY 10007    Map this
Office Address:   22 Reade St., New York NY, 10007    Map this


Chair - Shampa Chanda
Term ends Sep 1, 2015
Vice Chair - Salvatore Scibetta
Term ends Oct 6, 2021
Dara Ottley-Brown
Term ends Jul 10, 2013
Nasr Sheta
Term ends Jan 1, 2023
Christine Yoon
Term ends Sep 1, 2017


Carlo Costanza , Executive Director.
(212) 386-0068
General Counsel - Chase Vine
(212) 386-0069
Deputy Counsel - Yaa Sarpong
(212) 386-0081
Deputy Director - Toni Matias
(212) 386-0085