Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation


This local development corporation, organized under Section 1411 of the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law, manages and develops the former Brooklyn Navy Yard as an industrial park under a ninety-nine year lease with the City of New York. BNYDC leases four million square feet of space in the Yard, promotes local economic development, develops underutilized areas and oversees modernization of the Yard's infrastructure. The corporation's board of directors is comprised of leaders of Brooklyn's economic development community. Established in 1801, the Brooklyn Navy Yard served as one of America's preeminent military facilities for more than 150 years. Closed by the federal government in 1966, the City of New York subsequently assumed ownership and re-opened the Yard as an industrial park. The Yard now operates at 99% capacity and has launched an expansion program to meet significant demand for space from new industrial tenants. The Yard is currently home to nearly 400 businesses providing over 11,000 jobs.



  141 Flushing Avenue, Suite 801, Brooklyn NY, 11205    Map this

Contact Numbers

(718) 907-5900
Fax:  (718) 643-9296


David Ehrenberg , President & Chief Executive Officer.
(718) 907-5908
Chief Development Officer & Executive Vice President - Johanna Greenbaum
(718) 907-5915
Executive Vice President & General Counsel - Paul Kelly
(718) 907-5928
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer - Naser Gjeloshi
(718) 907-5902
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer - Wimal Ariyawansa
(212) 907-5981
Senior Vice President, Property Management - Simone Robinson-Barnett
(929) 337-9924
Senior Vice President, Design & Construction - Kerry Keegan
(718) 907-5927
Senior Vice President, Development - Matt Harrison
(718) 907-5983
Senior Vice President, Development & Planning - Shani Leibowitz
(718) 907-5955
Senior Vice President & Controller - Brian Linett
(718) 907-5962
Senior Vice President, Utilities & Maintenance - Carmine Stabile
(718) 907-5919
Senior Vice President, External Affairs - Tiffany Townsend
(718) 907-5985