Administrative Trials And Hearings, Office of (OATH)


Created in 1979 by mayoral executive order and established as a charter agency in 1988, OATH is the City's independent administrative law court and is authorized to conduct adjudicatory hearings for all agencies of the City. The Mayor appoints the Chief Administrative Law Judge. Administrative Law Judges are appointed by the Chief Administrative Law Judge to five-year terms. Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) preside over the proceedings at OATH's Trials Division. The OATH Trials Division conducts trials on complex administrative matters, such as civil servant disciplinary cases, contract disputes, zoning issues, car seizures by the police, and human rights and discrimination cases.
City enforcement agencies that issue summonses or notices for alleged violations of the City’s rules and regulations file their summonses at the OATH Hearings Division. OATH Hearing Officers preside over OATH hearings.
OATH also offers mediation services to all City employees to help resolve workplace disputes in a safe, confidential, and efficient manner at its Center for Creative Conflict Resolution (CCCR) and OATH provides resources, support and training for all City and State hearing officers and ALJ’s through its Administrative Judicial Institute.



  100 Church St., 12th floor New York, NY 10007    Map this

Contact Numbers

(844) 628-4692
Fax:  (212) 933-3060
Trials Division Calendar Unit:  Fax:  (212) 933-3079


Asim Rehman , Commissioner / Chief Administrative Law Judge.
(212) 933-3001
Deputy Commissioner, Public Affairs & Communications - Marisa Senigo
(212) 933-3080
Deputy Commissioner, Legislative Affairs - John Castelli
(212) 933-3087
Special Counsel to the Commissioner - Vincent Gentile
(212) 436-0547
Senior Advisor to the Commissioner - Rachel Amar
(212) 933-3088
Deputy Commissioner/General Counsel - Olga Statz
(212) 933-3003
Deputy Commissioner, Administration - Arnab Das
(212) 933-3030
Deputy Commissioner, Information Technology - Joseph Hughes
(212) 436-0706
Deputy Commissioner/Chief Clerk - Maria Marchiano
(212) 436-0836
Deputy Commissioner, Hearings Division Adjudications & Special Motions - Amy Slifka
(212) 436-0703
Deputy Commissioner/Ombudsperson & Pro Se Clerk - Jean Wesh
(212) 436-0812
Deputy Commissioner, Appeals Division - Peter Schulman
(718) 923-6230
Deputy Commissioner/ Special Education Hearings Division - Noel Garcia
(212) 436-0824
Supervising Administrative Law Judge - Joan Salzman
(212) 933-3016
Executive Director, Center for Creative Conflict Resolution (CCCR) - Raymond Kramer
(212) 436-0869
Executive Director, Administrative Judicial Institute at OATH - Raymond Kramer
(212) 436-0869
EEO & Diversity Officer - Sharina DeRoberts
(212) 436-0524