City University Construction Fund


The vehicle through which facilities are provided for senior and community colleges and graduate institutions of The City University of NY, the Fund is a tax-exempt public-benefit corporation originating July, 5 1966 by action of the New York State Legislature, Article 125-B of the Education Law, the City University Construction Fund Act. Two of the seven Trustees are ex-officio: the City University Board of Trustees Chair and the New York State Director of the Budget or his/her designee. Additionally the Mayor appoints one Trustee (with State Senate advice and consent); the Governor appoints two Trustees (one a member of the City University Board of Trustees, and the other with State and Senate advice and consent); one Trustee is appointed by the Temporary President of the State Senate; and one Trustee by the Speaker of the Senate Assembly. Governor appoints Chair and Vice Chair from the seven Trustees.
Pursuant to Section 5 of the Public Officers Law, appointees remain in office as holdovers upon expiration of terms until new appointments are made. With the exceptions of ex-officio Trustees, each Trustee serves for a term expiring concurrently with that of his/her appointing officer.



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Board of Trustees

Acting Chair - Brian G. Obergfell
Appointed by the Governor on Jun 18, 2015
Robert F. Mujica, Jr. , Ex officio
Appointed Jan 14, 2016
Additional Position(s): NYS Executive Director of the Division of Budget
William C. Thompson , Ex officio
Appointed Jun 16, 2016
Additional Position(s): Chairman, CUNY Board of Trustees
Toby A. Stavisky
Appointed by the Temporary President of the Senate
Alan van Capelle
Appointed by the Governor on Jun 10, 2021
Erik M. Dilan
Appointed by the Speaker of the State Assembly on Apr 21, 2022