Health & Mental Hygiene, Department of (DOHMH)


Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 22 of the New York City Charter as amended in 2001, the Department reflects the merger of the New York City Department of Health and the Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Alcoholism Services.
The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's mission is to preserve and promote the health and mental health of all New Yorkers, and to promote the realization of full potential of those with disabling conditions. The department achieves this mission through a) ongoing assessment of the health status of the community, b) formulating policies and implementing programs to promote the public's health, and c) ensuring access to services by providing direct public health services or facilitating access to health care and ancillary services.



  42-09 28th St., Long Island City NY, 11101    Map this

Contact Numbers

General Information & Complaints:  311
Communications & Media Inquiries:  (347) 396-4177
Vital Records (Birth & Death certificate information):  311
Calling outside of the City, dial (212) NEW-YORK or:  (212) 639-9675
DPH General Information Line:  311
AIDS Hotline:  311
AIDS Hotline TDD/TTY:  311
Bites, Animal:  311
Bites, Rat:  311
Communicable Disease Surveillance:  311
Day Care:  311
Flu Information Line:  311
Food Complaints:  311
Immunization Clinic Information:  311
(212) BAN-LEAD:  (212) 226-5323
Mobile Food Vending Inspection:  (212) 676-1600
Permits:  311
Poison Control Center (Toll Free):  (800) 222-1222
Poison Control Center:  (212) POI-SONS
Poison Control Center (Spanish):  (212) VEN-ENOS
Proof of Immunization:  311
Restaurant Permit Applications:  311
Restaurants Complaints:  311
Sexually Transmitted Disease Control:  (347) 396-7200
Sexually Transmitted Disease Control - Education, dial 311 or:  (212) NEW-YORK
Sexually Transmitted Disease Control - Hospital Liaison Unit:  311
Tuberculosis Control Hotline Toll Free:  (844) 713-0559
Vital Records Information, dial 311 or:  (212) NEW-YORK
West Nile Virus Information, dial 311 or:  (212) NEW-YORK
Window Falls Prevention, dial 311 or:  (212) NEW-YORK
Window Guard Complaints, dial 311 or:  (212) NEW-YORK
Women's Healthline:  311
Contact Notification Assistance Program (CNAP):  212) 693-1419

Members of the Board of Health

Chair - Dr. Dave A. Chokshi , Ex officio
Additional Position(s): Commissioner of Health & Mental Hygiene
Karen Redlener
Pamela S. Brier, MPH
Sixto R. Caro, MD
Joel A. Forman, MD
Gail Nayowith, MSW , Ex officio
Susan Klitzman, Dr. P.H.
Lynne D. Richardson, MD, F.A.C.E.P.
Rosa M. Gil, DSW
Mitchell Katz, MD
Simona Kwon, MD
Sidney Hankerson, MD


Dr. Dave A. Chokshi , Commissioner. $236,088.
Appointed Aug 4, 2020
(347) 396-4005
Chief Information Officer - Scott Liu
(347) 396-6031
Chief Medical Officer - Dr. Michelle Morse, MD, MPH
(347) 396-4844
Chief of Staff - Nellie Afshar, MPH
(347) 396-4424
Inspector General for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Clinton Daggan
80 Maiden Lane, NY 10038.
(212) 825-5483