Police Corruption, Commission To Combat (CCPC)


Established by Executive Order 18 of 1995, and amended by Executive Order 39 of 2003, the Commission to Combat Police Corruption (Police Commission) is empowered to act as an independent monitor to review and evaluate Police Department anti-corruption measures, to ensure that the Police Department remains vigilant in combating corruption and to assure the public that the Police Department is implementing and maintaining an effective anti-corruption program. The Police Commission makes a written report at least annually to the Mayor and the Police Commissioner.



  17 Battery Pl., Ste. 327 New York, NY 10004    Map this

Contact Numbers


Acting Chairperson - Kathy Hirata Chin, Esq.
Freya Rigterink, Esq
Benjamin Rosenberg, Esq.
Randall Jackson, Esq.
Jabbar Collins
Howard Master, Esq.


Executive Director - Marnie L. Blit
(212) 806-5370