Health + Hospitals / Board of Directors, NYC


Composed of sixteen Directors including, ex officio, the Health Services Administrator who serves as Chair, the City Administrator/Deputy Mayor, the Commissioner of Health and Mental Hygiene, Commissioner/Administrator of the Human Resources Administration and the Director of Community Mental Health Services. The Mayor appoints ten Directors, five of whom are designated by the City Council. The remaining Director is Chief Executive Officer and President of the Corporation. Directors elect the Vice Chair from among themselves. Board Members (other than those serving ex-officio and the President/CEO) are appointed to a (5) five-year term seat. Directors receive no compensation for service on the Board but are reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses.



  125 Worth St., Rm. 519 New York, NY 10013    Map this

Contact Numbers

(212) 788-3359
Fax:  (212) 385-2644


2 Vacancies

Board Chair - José A. Pagán
Term ends Mar 20, 2020
Mitchell Katz, MD
Chosen by the Board of Directors and serves at their pleasure. , Ex officio
Additional Position(s): President & CEO
Raul Perea Henze, MD , Ex officio
Additional Position(s): Deputy Mayor for Health & Human Services, City Administrator/Deputy Mayor
Steven Banks , Ex officio
Additional Position(s): Commissioner/Administrator, Human Resources Administration
Dave Chokshi, MD , Ex officio
Additional Position(s): Commissioner, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Hillary Kunins, MD, MPH, MS
Acting Executive Deputy Commissioner, Division of Mental Hygiene, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. , Ex officio
Additional Position(s): Director, Community Mental Health Services
Freda Wang
Term ends Mar 20, 2024
Vincent Calamia, MD
Term ends Mar 20, 2016
Helen J. Arteaga Landaverde
Term ends Mar 20, 2020
Barbara A. Lowe, MS, RN
Term ends Mar 20, 2019
Robert F. Nolan
Term ends Mar 20, 2022
Anita Kawatra
Term ends Mar 20, 2022
Feniosky Peña-Mora
Term ends Mar 20, 2023
Sally Hernandez-Piñero
Term ends Mar 20, 2021


Senior Vice President and General Counsel - Andrea Cohen, Esq.
(212) 788-3300
Chief of Staff to the Board/Secretary to the Corporation - Colicia Hercules
(212) 788-3365