Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation


The Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, d/b/a Brooklyn Bridge Park, is the not-for-profit entity responsible for the planning, construction, maintenance and operation of Brooklyn Bridge Park, an 85 acre waterfront park stretching 1.3 miles along Brooklyn's East River shoreline. The Corporation’s mission is to create and maintain a world class park that is a recreational, environmental and cultural destination enjoyed by the residents of, and visitors to, New York City. The Corporation operates under a mandate to be financially self-sustaining, which includes the activation of certain development sites within the project’s footprint.

Brooklyn Bridge Park is governed by a 17-member board of directors appointed by the Mayor of New York City, and chosen by the Mayor of New York City, the Governor of New York State and local elected officials.



  334 Furman St., Brooklyn NY, 11201    Map this

Contact Numbers

(718) 222-9939
Fax:  (347) 467-4368


Eric Landau , President.
(718) 650-5925
Executive Vice President - David Lowin
(718) 650-5923
Chief Operating Officer - Jeffrey Sandgrund
(718) 650-5930
Chief of Staff & Vice President, Public Affairs - Sarah Krauss
(718) 650-5926
Chief Financial Officer - Jelani Watkins
(718) 650-5943
General Counsel - Amy Kleitman
(718) 650-5922