New York State Court of Appeals


Consists of a Chief Judge and six Associate Judges. Vacancies filled by appointment of the Governor with consent of the State Senate. Terms 14 years. Only persons admitted to practice as attorneys in the State of New York for ten years are eligible to serve.


Clerk of the Court - John P. Asiello
Deputy Clerk - Heather Davis


* Term expires by reason of age.

Chief Judge - Janet DiFiore
Term ends Dec 31, 2025
Associate Judge - Jenny RIvera
Term ends Feb 10, 2027
Associate Judge - Leslie E. Stein
Term ends Dec 31, 2026
Associate Judge - Eugene M. Fahey
Term ends Dec 31, 2021
Associate Judge - Michael J. Garcia
Term ends Feb 7, 2030
Associate Judge - Rowan D. Wilson
Term ends Dec 31, 2030
Associate Judge - Paul G. Feinman
Term ends Dec 31, 2030