The Tax Commission


The Tax Commission serves as the City of New York's administrative review body with regard to real property tax assessments set by the Department of Finance.
In accordance with state and local law, the Tax Commission's core responsibilities include reviewing and analyzing, conducting hearings, rendering determinations, ordering remedial action where appropriate, and issuing written notifications of outcome in connection with annual applications for correction of real property tax assessments.
Real property tax assessment-related claims subject to administrative review and corrective action by the Tax Commission encompass, as defined by applicable law, inequality; excessiveness, including the denial of a full or partial exemption; unlawfulness; and misclassification. The Tax Commission's administrative determinations are subject to de novo judicial review. Composition: President and 6 part-time Commissioners appointed by the Mayor for six year terms.


Contact Numbers


1 Vacancy

President/Commissioner - Frances J. Henn
Term ends Jan 6, 2026
Janet Alvarez
(At Large).
Term ends Jan 6, 2018
Susan Grossman
Term ends Jan 6, 2018
Carlo Silvestri
Term ends Jan 6, 2022
Kirk P. Tzanides
Term ends Jan 6, 2016
Thomas V. Nichols
(Staten Island).
Term ends Jan 6, 2026

Senior Staff

Director, Operations - Myrna Hall
(212) 602-6017
Director, Appraisal & Hearings - David Dunay
(212) 602-6256
Chief Information Officer - Srinivas Vallury
(212) 602-6037