Housing Development Corporation, NYC (HDC)


HDC is a corporate governmental agency constituted as a public benefit corporation and established in 1971 under Article XII, Private Housing Finance Law. HDC encourages the investment of private capital through low-interest mortgage loans and provides safe and sanitary dwellings for families and persons whose housing needs cannot be met by unassisted private enterprise. Through the issuance of bonds and notes, provides construction and/or permanent financing for multifamily residential housing.

The corporation is composed of the Commissioner of the Department of Housing Preservation and Development as Chairperson, the Director of Management and Budget and the Finance Commissioner, all ex-officio; and four public members, two appointed by the Mayor, and two by the Governor. Members continue to serve until a successor has been appointed.



  110 William St., 10th Floor New York, NY 10038    Map this

Contact Numbers

Members (HDC Board)

Chairperson - Louise Carroll , Ex officio
Jacques Jiha , Ex officio
Melanie Hartzog , Ex officio
Harry E. Gould, Jr.
Mayoral Appointee.
Kyle Kimball
Mayoral Appointee.
Charles G. Moerdler, Esq.
Gubernatorial Appointee.
Denise Scott
Gubernatorial Appointee.


Eric Enderlin , President.
First Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer - Richard M. Froehlich
Executive Vice President, Development - Anthony Richardson
General Counsel - Susannah Lipsyte
Chief of Staff - Jim Quinlivan
Senior Vice President/Treasurer - Cathleen A. Baumann
Senior Vice President, Debt Issuance & Finance - Ellen Duffy
Senior Vice President, Portfolio Management - Terry A. Gigliello
Senior Vice President, Development - Ruth Moreira
Chief Information Officer - Paul Cackler
Chief Risk Officer - Mary Hom
Vice President, Government Affairs - Elizabeth Strojan
Vice President, Communications - Anthony Proia
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