Mayor, Office of the (OOM)


The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the City. He is also a Magistrate.
The Mayor has the power to appoint and remove the commissioners of more than 40 city agencies and members of City boards and commissions. The Mayor is responsible for preparing and administering the City's annual Expense and Capital Budgets and financial plan. He is responsible for managing the City's relations with federal, state and local governing entities. The Mayor has the power to veto local laws enacted by the City Council, but such a veto may be overridden by a two-thirds vote of the Council. Pursuant to State law, the Mayor appoints Criminal Court Judges, Family Court Judges and Interim Civil Court Judges. The Mayor has powers and responsibilities relating to land use and City contracts and collaborates with city, state and federal agencies responsible for the City's economic development and infrastructure. The Mayor maintains a liaison with governmental bodies dealing with pensions, public finance, procurement and franchises and concessions. The Mayor has all residual powers of the City government not otherwise delegated by law to some other public official or body. In the event of the resignation, death or removal of a Mayor, the Public Advocate serves as Acting Mayor until a special election or general election is held, depending on when the vacancy in the Office arises.

The Mayor sits ex officio on the boards of the 33 City-owned cultural institutions that are part of the Cultural Institutions Group as well as the Brooklyn Public Library, Center for Arts Education, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Museum of Arts and Design, Museum of Modern Art, New York Public Library and Queens Borough Public Library.




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Mayor Eric L. Adams , Mayor of the City of New York. $258,750.
The 110th Mayor of the City of New York. Elected at the general election held November 2, 2021, for a term of four years, expiring December 31, 2025.
Party Affiliation (D)


First Deputy Mayor
Chief of Staff to the Mayor
Chief Advisor to the Mayor
Deputy Mayor for Operations
Deputy Mayor for Health & Human Services
Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, Housing, and Workforce Development
Deputy Mayor for Strategic Initiatives
Chief Counsel to the Mayor and City Hall
Deputy Mayor for Public Safety
Senior Advisor for Public Safety
Deputy Mayor for Communications
Chief Housing Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Efficiency Officer
Chief Climate Officer
Mayor's Office of Policy and Planning
Office of Ethnic and Community Media
Office of Intergovernmental Affairs
Office of City Legislative Affairs
Office of State Legislative Affairs
Office of Federal Affairs
Mayor's Office for International Affairs
Office of Equal Employment Opportunity
Community Affairs Unit (CAU)
Mayor's Office of Appointments
Mayor's Office of Special Projects & Community Events (MOSPCE)
Office of Citywide Events Coordination & Management/Street Activity Permit Office
Mayor's Office of Correspondence
Mayor's Office of Operations
Mayor's Office of Sports, Wellness and Recreation
Office of Engagement
Administrative Services
Office of Risk Management and Compliance
Mayor's Office for People With Disabilities (MOPD)
Mayor's Advisory Committee on the Judiciary
Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ)
Mayor's Office of Special Enforcement
Mayor's Office of Capital Project Development
Mayor's Office of Climate and Environmental Justice
Mayor's Office of Environmental Remediation (OER)
Mayor's Office of Environmental Coordination (MOEC)
Mayor's Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence (ENDGBV)
Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA)
Mayor's Office of Community Mental Health
Office of Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBE)
Public Design Commission of the City of New York
Mayor's Office of Talent and Workforce Development
Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity
Office for Non-Profit Services
Mayor's Office of Equity
Commission on Gender Equity
NYC Service
Mayor's Office of Food Policy
Center for Innovation Through Data Intelligence (CIDI)
Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City
Office of Equity & Racial Justice (MOERJ)
Commission on Racial Equity (CORE)